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The seller's myth


Let's face it. We all see the process of selling as this distasteful act of talking people into things. And we are wrong.

So here comes the tale of two sellers who shared the same title but different beliefs. There’s one who tried by whatever means possible to make the sale. He was barely scratching the surface in understanding the customer’s problem. His only focus was reaching his sales target, impressing his manager and breeding his ego. You've met him, haven't you?

And there’s the second one, the one who treated the issue as a doctor should. Before prescribing a solution, he was diagnosing the buyer’s problem. He was going out of his way in understanding and serving the real need. At times he even had to steer the customers away, recommending other vendors that would be of a better fit.

“Selling is caring.” — Andrei Secreteanu

In the end, we're all sellers and that's a fact. So which one of the two are you?

It’s a choice!