Dimitrie Stanescu — Design & Brand Strategy Consultant


Brand Strategist. Designer.

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Dimitrie Stanescu is a designer working at the intersection of brand strategy, creative direction and brand identity. For more than 7 years he's been serving brands, big and small, where he had the privilege of shaping products used and loved by many around the world.

Coming from an engineering design background, he used to build factories for a living. Now he blends science with art and technology to design integrated brand experiences. From proposal to project delivery, he’s involved in every step of the process, ensuring creative vision and execution align with his clients’ goals and their customers’ needs.

When he’s not in the office, you'll either find him in the gym, snowboarding or traveling the world with his camera and Kindle on. Driven by curiosity and a never-ending appetite for further development, he’s always on the edge. Learning, creating.

If you have a project, a brilliant idea or just want to say hello, he’d love to hear from you.